Addiction Intervention in Greensboro

Drugs force addicts to fall in love with their habit; the chemical changes that exposure to drugs brings about in the brain lead to a state where addicts are genuinely unaware of the harm that they do to themselves, however obvious it may be to others. This curious quality of addiction makes it extremely difficult for friends and family who want to help. Simple heart-to-hearts with addicts often get nowhere; addicts never see why they should attend rehab for a habit that they deeply love. Fortunately, there are addiction intervention programs in Greensboro that can help.

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What is Addiction Intervention?

Addiction interventions are often portrayed in TV shows - when a person is caught up in an addictive habit, and shows no signs of self-awareness, friends and family gather around in a form of caring ambush, forcing the addict to listen to them and explain himself. The result is usually positive, as the addict finds no way to make excuses.

While this image of addiction interventions is reasonably accurate, it often doesn't work out as positively in reality as it does on TV. The mental state of the typical addict is rarely reasonable enough to respond to such a show of concern. It takes planning and a professional approach to succeed in real life.

What Kind of Intervention Really Works?

Alcohol or drug addiction interventions do work when they are carefully planned in consultation with licensed addiction counselors. The counselor is present when the intervention goes through. The first step is making certain that the group learns the rules of interventions:

  • Every member of the group is to adequately learn about the science of addiction so that no one simply insults the addict's condition by telling him to "snap out of it."
  • The intervention is to be a surprise to the addict, giving him little time to come up with excuses or specious arguments.
  • Each member of the group is to make a carefully rehearsed appeal that assigns no blame to the addict.
  • There is to be an emotional appeal made to the addict, showing how friends and family need him or her.
  • The intervention is to be kept on track, with no deviation from the plan.

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