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If you or someone you know is coping with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, now is the time to seek help. The prospect of sobriety may seem like an impossible feat to accomplish, but Greensboro Drug Treatment Centers can help you find addiction treatment programs that will give you the resources you need to resume a drug-free life. Don't let drug abuse hold you down when recovery could be well within your reach.

Utilizing a number of treatment methods that fit your specific needs, medical professionals at the top treatment facilities will work to lead you in the right direction. The road to recovery is characterized by a number of peaks and troughs that make the journey turbulent, but if you stick to the path, you will surely reach your destination, free to enjoy an addiction-free life.

Acknowledging That You Have a Problem

Greensboro Drug Treatment Centers recognize that you must first acknowledge that you have a problem before you can begin to deal with it. It is one of the toughest steps in the recovery process, but it makes the rest of the journey that much easier.

Addicts describe the point at which they realize they have a problem as "a moment of clarity" or "hitting rock bottom." This low point in life is reached when an individual's addiction causes unforeseen hardship, including losing a job, a meaningful relationship, family and friends or a home. Other life events like financial and legal problems, mental decline and an overall deterioration of health may also lead an addict to seek help.

If you have reached your rock bottom or had a moment of clarity, then now is the time to call for information about addiction treatment centers in Greensboro, NC. Denial and defense mechanisms return quickly after these moments, so waiting any longer may result in another relapse that prevents you from seeking the necessary help.

Find the Help You Need

If you have experienced a moment of clarity but are afraid of dealing with withdrawal, rest assured that there are qualified addiction treatment centers ready to accommodate your withdrawal symptoms with medically-managed detoxification (detox) programs. Medical supervision ensures that you will be as comfortable as possible during your addiction treatment. Moreover, these centers provide a variety of therapies that are based off of your initial assessment. The best Greensboro addiction treatment programs address a number of issues, ranging from prescription drug abuse to heroin addiction.

For patients who are struggling with a dual diagnosis, there are caring staff members who will work to treat any underlying mental or emotional disorders that may prevent your successful addiction treatment. In such cases, behavioral therapy and the necessary medical treatments are combined to maximize the benefits of your individual recovery plan.

Post-Detox Behavioral Therapy

After patients are cleared from the detoxification phase of their addiction treatment, they will begin the behavioral therapy phase. During this phase, patients will regularly attend group and individual therapy sessions where they will learn some of the underlying causes of addiction. With a greater understanding of their addiction, patients are more aware of what may trigger a relapse so that they can combat future substance abuse.

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