Alcohol Seminar Held to Help Greensboro Residents

A training seminar held by the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Commission to educate waiters on proper alcohol-serving procedures was held recently in Chapel Hill. Its purpose was to help crack down on underage drinking, which is a big problem in society. Another goal was to advise those who work in restaurants, convenience and grocery stores how to conduct proper alcohol sales. Serving alcohol to someone under the age of 21 is a class-one misdemeanor, and the offender must appear in court and can pay a fine of up to $2,000.

These kinds of seminars are crucial in preventing underage drinking. The earlier you start drinking, the more likely you can become addicted to it. IF this has happened to you or someone you know, one of the quality Addiction treatment centers Greensboro NC is home to can help you.

What is Alcoholism?

While many people think they know all about alcoholism, there are a number of misconceptions about this common illness. Alcoholism involves more than drinking to excess. The alcoholic is unable to control his or her drinking, and they may engage in any number of risky behaviors as a result.

From driving while drunk to showing up for work under the influence, the alcoholic may experience a wide range of problems related to their drinking. These behaviors can put jobs at risk and even cause the alcoholic to go to jail. If you suspect someone you know has developed a problem with drinking, it is important to get them help right away.

Abuse To Addiction

Alcohol intake eventually creates changes in the brain's chemistry and structure as a person drinks large quantities or frequently. This results in dependence as the brain then needs alcohol to function. The brain stops producing naturally occurring neurotransmitters. The drinker can't stop drinking as the brain sends out cravings to obtain the artificial neurotransmitters it has stopped manufacturing and are needed to function. Compulsions to drink arise due to these brain alterations.

Then, tolerance builds and increasingly larger amounts of alcohol are needed for the drinker to feel any effects and stave off withdrawal. If the person attempts to decrease or stop alcohol intake, alcohol withdrawal syndrome occurs, creating pain and distress. The drinker will then continue to drink simply to avoid the brain triggering withdrawal symptoms and to avoid feeling ill.

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