Greensboro Alcohol Addiction Programs

A Brief Look at Greensboro Alcohol Addiction Programs

Do you consume alcohol to cope with stress or difficult situations or to avoid feeling bad about something? Alcoholism, and addiction in general, can creep up on you quite unexpectedly. It is not always simple to identify when social drinking has crossed over to problem drinking. It is vital that you are aware of the signs of addiction and be able to recognize them so you are able to take steps early and cut back before you become an alcoholic. Greensboro alcohol addiction programs are staffed by trained professionals who are ready to help you on the road to recovery. If someone you love is exhibiting the signs and/or symptoms of alcohol abuse, please call (877) 804-1531 for assistance finding alcoholism treatment programs. It may save your life – or the life someone that you love.

The most considerable hurdle to getting help (for any addiction) is denial. The addict will stop at nothing to deny they have a problem. In addition, they will become defensive and angry. Nothing is more difficult than admitting they have a problem. Rationalization is very common in addicts. They try to justify their drinking, for example, by blaming their horrible boss, or their irritating significant other. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are two distinct entities. The difference is that alcoholism is characterized by a physical dependence on alcohol. A primary warning sign is an unusually high tolerance. As with any addiction, alcoholism effects every facet of the life of the addict. Greensboro alcohol abuse recovery centers are prepared to answer your questions should you need more information.

Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

If you suffer from a mental health issue such as bipolar disorder or depression, you are at a particularly high risk of falling victim to alcoholism. The reason for this is because people who suffer from these issues tend to self-medicate with alcohol. If you have a family history of alcoholism you should beware, for you are at a higher risk for alcoholism than others. Some additional factors to consider that might affect whether or not you may become addicted:

  • Genetics
  • Social environment
  • How you were raised
  • Race

Programs for alcohol treatment are good resources to use when asking yourself the hard questions about addiction. If you regularly forget what you did whilst drinking, or "black out," then you have a problem. If you need to consume alcohol to make yourself feel better or to relax, then you have a problem. If you experience guilt or shame due to your alcohol consumption, then you have a problem. If you have friends and/or family that is concerned with your drinking habits, then you have a problem. Lying to people about your drinking habits or drinking in secret should signal to you that you are in trouble. Greensboro alcohol addiction programs are available to help you with your drinking problem.


Signs and Symptoms

If your drinking is disrupting your usual activities and relationships – or causing problems in your life, you may have a drinking problem. People who are physically compelled to drink, or feel sick if they do not drink, are alcoholics. Physical dependence is a red flag. If you or someone you love is physically dependent on alcohol, it is time to turn to Greensboro alcohol addiction programs for help. Another red flag is tolerance. If you need to drink increasing amounts to get drunk or can out drink everyone in the room then there is an issue. Another red flag is withdrawal. When an addict doesn't get their morning fix, for example, their body may react in the following ways:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Shakiness and/or trembling
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia

In more severe cases, withdrawal can include seizures, fever, hallucinations and confusion. Greensboro alcohol abuse recovery centers are specialized facilities that know how to work with addicts and their families. The people who are most successful in breaking addiction are the ones who made the move to get help through alcohol treatment programs.

If you would like help finding Greensboro alcohol addiction programs that will help you overcome alcohol abuse, call Greensboro Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531. We will help you find the alcohol addiction treatment programs that best meet your recovery needs. Remember, admitting that you have a problem is the first step in recovery.




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