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The best way to deal with drug addiction is to participate in treatment and recovery programs that are right for you. There are dedicated substance abuse treatment clinics that provide alcohol and drug rehab services to people of all ages, from all walks of life. The staff at these clinics can help you rehabilitate and transform your life. Many centers have provided excellent rehabilitation care for decades, using scientifically-proven methods to treat addiction. Call Greensboro Drug Treatment Centers at (336) 455-9647 today to learn more about available treatment clinics and addiction treatment programs.

The "New" Party Drug in Greensboro

Greensboro police report a renewed interest in an old party drug now called Molly. Molly is a re-branded form of ecstasy and is common at parties and clubs. Young people are now more exposed to the drug because it is frequently mentioned in music and popular culture. There is also the false belief that Molly is less dangerous and purer than ecstasy.

Police have cautioned Greensboro parents to be aware of the drug's recent appeal to younger people and the possible dangerous effects. These can include coma, muscle spasms, stroke or death. If you want to avoid these terrible effects, you may want to get your loved one into treatment at one of the qualified Greensboro drug treatment clinics that offer rehab programs for drug addiction. The dedicated staff members at these clinics are eager to make counseling, support groups, and many other valuable resources available to you and your family.

Treatment for Drug Abuse

The best drug rehab treatment clinics welcome clients of all ages who struggle with drug abuse. They provide counseling, detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, and alternative therapies to help you and your family put drug abuse and addiction behind you.

Knowledgeable addiction specialists are available to help your family understand the nature of addiction and determine the best ways to overcome it. Drug and alcohol addiction is a powerful disease and making use of all the help available to you will only increase your chances of beating it.

With the threat of legal troubles, health issues, and strained professional and personal relationships constantly looming, there is no better time to address your teen's drug abuse than now. There are many treatment clinics in Greensboro NC that offer services to help parents and teens dealing with drug abuse and addiction! Call Greensboro Drug Treatment Centers at (336) 455-9647 to learn about available treatment options that can help.

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