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If you suffer from drug and alcohol abuse problems, there are treatment centers that offer programs and therapies to help you break free from the dangerous habits of addiction. Much of the area spanning from North Carolina to Georgia has a large presence of drugs due to the high-scale drug-trafficking operations based out of Atlanta. While this criminal activity has a large reach in the area, you can still fight back against addiction and be successful. Seeking multi-step rehabilitation treatment for addiction and alcohol and drug counseling will enable you to gradually return to a normal, healthy life.

Greensboro Drug Treatment Centers understands the most effective treatments for addiction often include participation in a 12-step program and individual counseling sessions. These sessions assist clients with learning coping skills to deal with the psychological pressures of addiction and provide a means of venting frustrations and seeking advice. At most rehab centers, medical professionals are always available to provide clients with help dealing with physical difficulties such as withdrawal. Call (336) 455-9647 for help finding addiction treatment centers in Greensboro NC to assist you in achieving recovery from drug or alcohol abuse.


Detoxification can also be used to improve the overall health of a client. Treatment will vary depending on the drugs used and other factors, but personally customized plans will ensure that all individual needs and preferences are addressed. In some situations, problems at work or home can be the cause of drug and alcohol use, so therapies such as marriage counseling or psychoanalysis may be used. Clients may also benefit from alternative therapies that offer an unconventional approach to addiction treatment.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies are useful for a variety of addiction issues such as stress, personal problems, and withdrawal. Alternative methods of treatment may include activities such as meditation, nature hikes, music, art, yoga and running. The goal of alternative therapy is to provide clients with an interest that will replace drug use and abuse. This allows clients to learn more about themselves and their interests through self-reflection and discovery.

Getting Help

No matter what your situation is, the effects of drug and alcohol addiction can be reversible as long as you are dedicated and have the will to move forward. If you are ready to take the first step to a healthy lifestyle, call Greensboro Drug Treatment Centers now at (336) 455-9647 to learn more about available treatment centers for addiction in Greensboro NC.

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