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Opiate Withdrawal Information

The 411 on Opiate Withdrawal...   If you are suffering from opiate withdrawal, you do not have to do it alone. Contact Greensboro Drug Treatment Centers at (336) 455-9647 to locate a detox and rehab facility. Greensboro opiate addiction treatment can help you to safely detox from your ... Read More

Greensboro Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Find the Help You Need From the Best Greensboro Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers...   If you are located in the Greensboro area and are suffering, or know someone who is suffering from drug addiction, you have a lot of drug treatment options available. At many Greensboro addiction centers, the... Read More

Greensboro Alcohol Addiction Programs

A Brief Look at Greensboro Alcohol Addiction Programs...   Do you consume alcohol to cope with stress or difficult situations or to avoid feeling bad about something? Alcoholism, and addiction in general, can creep up on you quite unexpectedly. It is not always simple to identify when social d... Read More

Greensboro Drug Treatment and Relapse Prevention

Relapse can happen for various reasons, but isn't necessarily something that means addicts' recovery efforts have failed. Relapse prevention techniques and programs should be put into place in order to help curb relapse, but a recovering addict must stick to their long term treatment plan in order f... Read More

Drug Abuse Treatment in Greensboro

Drug abuse is a growing problem in cities, suburbs and rural areas across the United States. Many of these individuals will become addicted, creating a number of social problems that have high costs for these communities. Drug abuse treatment centers in Greensboro are dedicated to helping individual... Read More

Addiction Intervention in Greensboro

Drugs force addicts to fall in love with their habit; the chemical changes that exposure to drugs brings about in the brain lead to a state where addicts are genuinely unaware of the harm that they do to themselves, however obvious it may be to others. This curious quality of addiction makes it extr... Read More

Alcohol Seminar Held to Help Greensboro Residents

A training seminar held by the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Commission to educate waiters on proper alcohol-serving procedures was held recently in Chapel Hill. Its purpose was to help crack down on underage drinking, which is a big problem in society. Another goal was to advise those who work in... Read More

Cocaine Addiction

Addiction to Cocaine can be a tragic life altering experience. Once in recovery from addiction, preventing a relapse is another battle that drug and alcohol addicts face. If you are struggling with cocaine addiction, there are drug treatment and alcohol rehab centers that can help. For information o... Read More

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